Hosted Swith and Billing Solution

A Voicemate LLC Service

Hosted Services are provided by mother company Solution9. Solution9’s Hosted Switch (SoftSwitch) integrates Call Routing Services, Client Management and Reporting platform to provide VoIP and Circuits Switched Origination and Termination services. Solution9’s SoftSwitch Solution incorporates Hosted Switch, Billing server, VoIP hardware and complete technical integration of the entire solution. Our Hosted Switch and Billing Platform enable you to successfully manage Prepaid/Postpaid Calling Card Services, Wholesale Termination, PC2Phone, IP Phones and other Adaptors and Hosted CallShop - all in one VoIP Solution.  Soliution9’s Hosted Switch provides the following advantages:

  1. Integration of all VoIP Services in one VoIP Platform.
  2. SIP and H323 Compatible SoftSwitch.
  3. Quintum and Cisco Hardware support.
  4. Scalability and Reliability.
  5. Allows a rapid entry into the VoIP Market with minimum investment.
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